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Blondies - Dear Miss Lyss

Are you in the mood for brownies, but maybe not into all of that chocolate?  Then these “blondies” might be the perfect solution!  They are a great combination of a brownie and a cookie containing the consistency of a soft and chewy brownie while incorporating the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie.
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Eggless Cookie Dough

Eggless Cookie Dough - Dear Miss Lyss

Do you hate fighting that awful urge to eat raw cookie dough when you’re making a batch of cookies?  The biggest reason for not eating the dough right off the mixing spoon is the eggs.  I have found a fantastic solution: EGGLESS COOKIE DOUGH

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Best of Three Worlds Cookies

Best of Three Worlds Cookies

These are probably some of my most favorite cookies!  I originally found the recipe here, only I made it a little more my own so I’m posting my recipe now!

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