Self Therapy for Stress-Induced Anxiety

Self Therapy for Anxiety - DearMissLyss

In light of the new school year beginning, I wanted to help anybody who may have ever had (or is having) issues with anxiety.  I personally can get a little anxious during periods of stress overloads, and these are some tips and tricks that I have discovered that help me when I am in need.
I will also say that these “home remedies” are not the only cures and should not be relied upon as such.  If you feel that you have a legitimate issue battling anxiety or have had panic attacks in the past, consult your physician.

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Tub Scrub

Tub Scrub1

I love this stuff!  It lathers up nicely to cut through soap scum while brightening your tub.  I have not yet found a bathroom cleaner that works as well as this, and you can make it so quickly and easily with ingredients you already have in your cabinets!

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Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites

Chk Cordon Bleu-Final

I will start by saying that I got the idea from this blog one night while looking for a nice spin on regular chicken cordon bleu.  I am constantly asked to make these, they are just so much fun to eat and really not that difficult to make!

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Fruit and Protein Smoothie


Smoothies, in my opinion, are fantastic.  They are easy to make and extremely portable to take on-the-go.  They also can contain a ton of protein, which can be enough to keep you full for a while.
I often make these exact smoothies for lunch and they are perfect.  I have a Ninja blender that comes with these handy single-serve cups, so my ingredient measurements reflect that.

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Preserving Fresh Herbs

Incorporating fresh herbs into your meal adds an element of thoughtfulness.  Although I usually take advantage of the convenience of herbs from a shaker, I try to add fresh ingredients in my tomato sauces.  Here is a little trick for preserving those herbs.

I usually do this with oregano and basil, as those are very common ingredients in my sauces, so that is what I’m demonstrating in this post.

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