Frequently Asked Questions:

Why “Dear Miss Lyss?”
Well, to start, my first name is Alyssa, hence the “Lyss” portion of my blog title.  The “Miss” obviously rhymes with Lyss, and you always want something catchy for a title that people will remember and be able to recite.  The “Dear” comes from when I was in the beginning stages of throwing my blog together, and I found a few websites that had this in their title, and I thought it created a very warm and welcoming feeling to the readers, opening the door for those of us who have questions and can feel as though we can write a letter, with the title “Dear …” and that is exactly the atmosphere I want on my website.  I think it also illustrates the fact that I am an actual human being taking the time to post my ideas in writing, take and edit my photos, and read all of your feedback and that it is not happening as a computerized assembly line.  I am a real person with real ideas, emotions, and love and I enjoy all of your support.

Why do you post so many DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects?
I believe in money-saving ideas.  No one is made of money, and in some cases it can take a lot of dollar bills to buy necessities, which is outrageous.  I am all for keeping cash in your wallet while having the accomplished feeling that you Did-It-Yourself!

Why is there three hearts (♥♥♥) at the bottom of every post?
I love many things, including the idea of spreading love.  Every single person could always use more love in their life, and I want my readers to realize how much I truly appreciate them and that I am greatly honored that there are people out there who want to spend time with me and my ideas.  Why three?  Because once upon a time, my other half gave a me a “Promise Ring,” (basically promising we’ll be together and honor one another for those of you unfamiliar with the term), and it has three diamonds which stand for the Past, Present, and Future.  I love this idea so much that I wanted to incorporate it into my posts entailing to my readers that there has been much we have gone through in the past to get to where we are now to see what the future holds for us!

Why is your content and photos copyrighted?
I am a HUGE believer in using and claiming your own original content.  As someone who has posted her own personal photography to social media in the past, I often found others posting it and acting as if they were the ones who had taken the picture, giving me no credit.   While it is encouraged to share content that you find interesting, I ask that you give credit where credit is due.  Nothing is more frustrating than slaving over something for what feels like forever, only to post it and find it all over the internet being claimed by someone else.  You will see that I often find recipes on various websites online, however I will (if I still have the source) link back to the original content even if I change some ingredients or measurements.  I personally understand how important that step is when posting online.

Where do you buy your groceries?
Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Costco, and our local grocery chain Giant Eagle.

What kind of camera do you use?
I use a Nikon D3100 Digital SLR.


Comments, questions, or concerns? Share your thoughts with us!

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