Clean Your Coffee Maker Using Vinegar

Clean Your Coffee Maker

One thing that you may be overlooking when cleaning is your automatic drip coffee maker.  You want to be cleaning your coffee maker at least once every month.  This is to remove any left over residue or any bacteria that may be there when you brew your cup of joe every morning.

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 • Distilled White Vinegar
 • Water

1 • Combine 1 part white vinegar to 2 parts water in coffee pot.
2 • Pour mixture into the reservoir of the coffee maker, where you normally pour the water.
3 • You can place a filter in the coffee maker as usual, if you’d like.
4 • Turn on the drip coffee maker, allowing it to run through a usual cycle.
5 • When the cycle is completed, discard the mixture from the coffee pot and the filter if you have added one.
6 • Turn off the coffee maker and let it cool for 15-20 minutes.
7 • Rinse the coffee pot thoroughly.
8 • Refill the pot with clean water and pour into the reservoir as usual.
9 • Turn on the coffee maker and let it run through a cycle again as to rinse the coffee maker.
10 • Discard the brewed water and let the unit cool again.
11 • If you desire or if you still smell the vinegar, repeat steps 7-10.


How do you keep you coffee maker clean?  Let me know in the comments below!


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