Self Therapy for Stress-Induced Anxiety

Self Therapy for Anxiety - DearMissLyss

In light of the new school year beginning, I wanted to help anybody who may have ever had (or is having) issues with anxiety.  I personally can get a little anxious during periods of stress overloads, and these are some tips and tricks that I have discovered that help me when I am in need.
I will also say that these “home remedies” are not the only cures and should not be relied upon as such.  If you feel that you have a legitimate issue battling anxiety or have had panic attacks in the past, consult your physician.

Make yourself a cup of Chamomile Tea
If you’re going for a more herbal approach, try some Chamomile Tea.  You want to have a tea that has calming abilities, which this specific tea works very well at treating some anxiety symptoms.  I often drink one cup of Chamomile Tea before bed to help ease myself to sleep if I’m having a tough time.

Limit Your Caffeine Intake
Try to decrease your intake of caffeine throughout the day.  That means drink less coffee, soda, or black tea – even if it is one less cup a day – and see if that is of any help.  Caffeine increases your heart rate and blood pressure, which can be contributing factors of an anxiety attack.

Try Going for a Walk
Get up and out of the room where you’re feeling overwhelmed.  Even if it is only for 15 or 20 minutes, just got for a quick walk around your neighborhood, down the street and back or jump on the treadmill if you can.  It can be enough to clear your mind and come back with a calmer composure.

Just Breathe and/or Meditate
Practicing calming breathing is huge when dealing with anxiety.  When you focus of your breathing, you’re unable to focus on what it is that you’re feeling nervous about, which is why you always hear, “Take some deep breaths… In…. and out…”  It has such a calming effect over your mind and body.  This can also go hand-in-hand with yoga or another soothing exercise.  In yoga, you learn how to control your breaths and coordinate it with the movement of your body, creating a peaceful atmosphere.  One thing that I have yet to conquer is meditating, but I know that it can be very stimulating in the right way to tackle anxiety.  It allows you to free your mind of worries and start fresh.

Exercise on a Regular Basis
Something that most people could benefit from seems to be the most difficult thing to stay committed to.  We find every reason under the sun to stay in bed in the early morning hours or let ourselves lose control of our own schedule.  It happens to even the most dedicated people.  I am definitely at fault here too with not sticking to my exercise routine.  If you keep active and stick to it, it could also help you to control your anxiety better.  Feeling healthier and more confident in yourself on a day-to-day basis will improve your outlook, creating less anxiety in your mind.

Keep a Journal Handy
Writing down your thoughts can be liberating.  The reason I’m saying to write will give you the ability to physically see what is on your mind and solve it from there.  Often times if you’re feeling anxious, you let yourself become overwhelmed with all of your problems because you don’t know where to start, which in turn makes the problem worse.  It is almost as if you’re transferring it from your mind and body, through your arm and hand, into the pen and onto the paper – giving you a feeling of letting it go.
I will say that talking about your issues with someone who you trust can be encouraging as well.  However, sometimes I find that it works me up even more because I become more frustrated with myself in terms that I don’t think another person is able to help me at that specific point in time.  Sometimes it is just something I need to work out for myself.

Think Positive
One idea that I try to remind myself constantly is, “You get back what you put into the world.”  Think of it as a form of Karma.  If you are only allowing yourself to think negatively, all the world will return to you is negativity.  Do not let your mind run away with bad thoughts.  Sometimes you need to force yourself to think in a positive way, even if things are bad, so that good things will come your way.

Be Sure You’re Not Hungry or Thirsty
When we are hungry, we tend to become more irritable and can let ourselves stress out at an easier rate.  If your stomach is full, you’ll feel more content and can probably cope with stressful situations better.  Grab a quick bite if you feel anxious and have not eaten in a while.  Also, if you’re dehydrated, your mind and body are not functioning at a normal rate.  Keep a water bottle by your side just to be sure this does not happen to you.
Another important factor to keep in mind is to start your day out right: Eat breakfast!  This goes along with being hungry.  If you don’t start out with ingesting something that will keep you full for a while, you could run into problems early on in your day, which can lead to having a harder time controlling your anxiety.

Warm Bath/Sauna/Jacuzzi
Warmth is relaxing to our bodies.  That is why when you have a stressful day, you just want to come home and lay in the bathtub for a while or curl up under a big blanket.  If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed out, jump in the tub filled with warm bath water or a jacuzzi if you have one, or if you belong to a gym that offers a sauna, stop by there on your way home and just let yourself unwind and become at ease.

These are just my tips and tricks that I use to control my anxiety.  Let me know if any of these are successful for you!  And if you have different tactics, feel free to share.  It is always good to learn ways to become more in touch with your body, and having a good outlook on life is the best way to love yourself.

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