Preserving Fresh Herbs

Incorporating fresh herbs into your meal adds an element of thoughtfulness.  Although I usually take advantage of the convenience of herbs from a shaker, I try to add fresh ingredients in my tomato sauces.  Here is a little trick for preserving those herbs.

I usually do this with oregano and basil, as those are very common ingredients in my sauces, so that is what I’m demonstrating in this post.

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Step 1:  Chop your herbs into tiny pieces.


Step 2:  Place chopped herbs evenly in ice cube trays.  Fill the cube with Olive Oil.
Note:  It’s okay to use cheap ice trays, and I especially like that these are trays not white because I have had a difficult time in the past getting my nice trays back to their nice white color after this.


Step 3:  Place in freezer.  Now when you need your herbs, just pop one or two cubes out at a time and place in your sauce pan – no extra oil is usually needed because the oil that you froze will melt and work perfectly for coating the bottom of the pan.
I also just took a piece of Scotch tape, placed it on the end of the ice cube tray and labeled it “B” for basil and “O” for oregano accordingly.  When the tray is empty, just peel the tape off and wash.

Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy this trick!  (More on my sauce recipe later!)
Let me know if you do something different with your herbs!



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