Blondies - Dear Miss Lyss

Are you in the mood for brownies, but maybe not into all of that chocolate?  Then these “blondies” might be the perfect solution!  They are a great combination of a brownie and a cookie containing the consistency of a soft and chewy brownie while incorporating the flavor of a chocolate chip cookie.
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10 Easy Ways to Stay Active

10 Easy Ways to Stay Active

Trust me on this one… I know that constantly being active is a struggle, especially in the busy lives that we live these days.  There are little things that you can do, however, to prevent yourself from becoming the dreaded “L” word – LAZY.  I know that in other cultures around the world, it is just habit to incorporate these steps into your life.  The following is a list of little things that you can do every day or each time you go out that can make you feel better about skipping the gym today.


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Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Cleaning Makeup Brushes

This is a great way to clean your makeup brushes while disinfecting them at the same time!  Try doing this at least once a month to be sure you’re beautifying your face with clean tools!

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Eggless Cookie Dough

Eggless Cookie Dough - Dear Miss Lyss

Do you hate fighting that awful urge to eat raw cookie dough when you’re making a batch of cookies?  The biggest reason for not eating the dough right off the mixing spoon is the eggs.  I have found a fantastic solution: EGGLESS COOKIE DOUGH

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Clean Your Coffee Maker Using Vinegar

Clean Your Coffee Maker

One thing that you may be overlooking when cleaning is your automatic drip coffee maker.  You want to be cleaning your coffee maker at least once every month.  This is to remove any left over residue or any bacteria that may be there when you brew your cup of joe every morning.

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Baked Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and Cheese

I love making this recipe.  It is fulfilling to make your own macaroni and cheese instead of making it out of a box that contained over-processed cheese food.  Ick!  Try this instead!

Mac and Cheese

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Why is Physical Activity Important?

Why is Physical Activity Important?

Need a little boost to get yourself out there and exercise on a regular basis?  I know that sometimes I do.  Here are some things to consider when you start making excuses.  Don’t you owe it to yourself and your one and only body to keep active?

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Repurposing Candle Jars

Repurposing Candle Jars

Feel bad throwing out those nice jars when your candle is expired?  Me too.  I also have a limited budget when it comes to buying storage containers for my house.  So with those two things in consideration, I decided to take down two birds with one stone.  I like to repurpose the jar for storage in the bathroom for my Q-tips and cotton balls.  This is the best way that I have found.

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Best of Three Worlds Cookies

Best of Three Worlds Cookies

These are probably some of my most favorite cookies!  I originally found the recipe here, only I made it a little more my own so I’m posting my recipe now!

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